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Btw... this happened

Thread: Btw... this happened

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  1. Btw... this happened 
    Here's a long overdue update, about the things that most of you already know.

    In the beginning of february 2014, we decided to shut down our game server. At this point the game server had been up for over a month with no players, and the months before that was subject to a rapidly decreasing playerbase.

    Since we're paying a great deal of money to run this community - and these money goes out of the personal pockets of people like yourself, and mainly from me - we were not interested in keeping up payments for a game that no one plays.

    We're sorry that it came to this. But we've had to face reality. The last month we've not really had a single active player on our server, except for the occasional players popping by for a few minutes. There is no real playerbase anymore, and it's practically been so since the start of January. The end of december was also subject to a very low and rapidly decreasing interest and playerbase. We also watched all our players move to the relaunch of United Gaming, which was shortly after shut down, but the players never returned after this. We learned that most players, after the repeated shutdown of United Gaming got tired of the fact that almost no MTA RP servers never lasts long and decided to quit MTA roleplay as a whole. We also heard from a lot of people that they assumed that RPP was down too, after everyone moved to United Gaming, although we were not (just moved to the bottom of the servers list due to the lack of players). Due to this fall of a playerbase, failed attempts at getting back up and a lack of time and resources amongst the staff to go through with new strategies, we've shut down the server. I found there was no poiont in me paying significant amounts of money from my own pocket to run a game server that no one is using. We've been scripting new additions to the server, and coming up with many new plans and strategies all up to the moment we shut the server done. But it did not give results.

    It's a personal defeat for myself seeing this server go down already. We never even made it past beta stage, and there's so many great planned, work in progress and nearly finished scripts and concepts that we did not get to use. The server never made it close to what was the original plans for it when we started, in regards to all the new unique concepts and gameplay aspects we were working on. On the other hand, I'm proud that we did get to last as long as we did (about 5 months public, a few more months as closed beta), which is longer than many other servers have. I'm also proud that we overall, before the decrease in playerbase, had a very good playerbase from the moment we started, with a repeated peak of about 130 players in our best period. We've also gotten a lot of very positive feedback on our new unique scripts and new ways of thinking and doing RP at MTA. We're proud to have been almost the only MTA roleplay server that has brought brand new ideas and significant unique scripts ever since vG/rG/uG.

    With all this said, I'm not saying this is the last you'll see of this community. This is a goodbye for now, but we like to think that some day - if the interest is there - we might be able to jump back in. But we are down now, and there's no plans of coming back in the forseeable future yet.

    Our forums will remain online and you're welcome to continue discussions about the game, MTA or anything else here, remembering the best moments from RPP, and so on.
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    Fuck. Add my skype everyone; fembo111

    This was personally my favorite MTA Roleplay server, much respect to everyone who contributed to it. I find it strange how it collapsed because of uG, now that uG is gone there's still no one here... Maybe one day RPP will make a strike back, we'll have to wait and see I guess.
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    Awh, this sucks. Well, er. I guess let's talk!

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    Yo' Yo'!! I BE BAC-.. Fuck is this shit, mane.. What's this closin' havin' ass shit I be readin' up in 'ere.. Fuck mayne, I'mma keep workin at the barbershop in that case, sheeeeeet

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    I'm quite ashamed that people got so excited for uG, lol. It failed once, why wouldn't it fail twice? It failed twice. I'm sad to notice no one has much interest in this community anymore, but I'm still up for whenever there's activity again. Thanks to Exciter and CB for your work in the RPP script, as well as administrators who helped to achieve a success at a certain point.

    See you!
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    This was the server I managed to get mu faction to official via high standars of RP and others. I'm sad this hsd to close. Not trying to advertise or anything but after uG has fallen twice, everyone moved to Owl Gaming. We're waiting for you guys there

    This is bullshit i am online almost every day on that god damn server and now it is gone:/
    such a sad thing to happen
    i hope u will make a comeback

    Myself and most of the people you know from RPP are seen at Owl Gaming these days. This is a stable community with a big playerbase. I'm personally doing some scripting for them, and some of the scripts from RPP can be seen there, in addition to a lot of new unique features. Make no mistake, RPP has not merged with this community, but it is a popular server with good RP while there has not yet been a sufficient large interest for a RPP comeback. Our vision is to see a roleplay server with a large solid playerbase and great quality features. So far Owl has provided this, although we still dream of seeing a MTA roleplay server with the kind of player count we see on SA:MP servers (which are unfortunately not as technically good as MTA).

    If you've just returned and wondered where people went, now you know. You'll find a lot of people from RPP there, and we'll be happy to see more.

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