People who are always around Los Santos?
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I've seen a few people hang around Los Santos, not always the nicest of people. I don't know why some people seem to have a problem with whoever walks by. If you're one of those people, why? Why do you insist in making others feel unsure about walking around?

I was attacked yesterday too! SAUN who decided it was alright to attack me, well SAUN's business partner attacked me, and I have no idea if SAUN actually allowed it to happen. But anyway, SAUN have been spreading lies about me and SAN recently.

Maybe I should approach them and ask them?
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  1. Predator's Avatar
    I think he's misread the idea of these blogs. These are IC. -BETASPARK

    I've never asked anyone to attack you, or anyone from SAN, just to clarify that. And which business partners may you be speaking of?

    I've never spread any lies about SAN, and don't plan on doing so, that's just immature. These assucations are ridiculous and are being pulled out of spite.

    Maybe you're just mad because you're being charged for threatening to burn down my building, in which I have OOC proof to show anyone if they think otherwise.

    And if you want to toss out assucations, let me put my side on this, that are actually true.

    BetaSpark, David Howard in-game, has been blocking my camera shots in game while I'm trying to report, telling people who'm I interview that I'm a rapist, and or a racist. And has threatened to burn down my SAUN. If you're going to talk smack OOC BetaSpark, you better be telling the truth, in which you're not.
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  2. BabeRecipe's Avatar
    Predator, you do realise that this "blog post" is an IC one, right?
  3. BetaSpark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BabeRecipe
    Predator, you do realise that this "blog post" is an IC one, right?
    Don't think he has. I've edited his post.